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Botswana Activities the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Planning on an overseas holiday the whole family can enjoy? Well, then stop your search right now. And head on over to the Chobe Marina Lodge for a glimpse of Botswana activities the whole family can enjoy.


A first-hand glimpse of Africa


If you’re looking for a truly immersive once-in-a-lifetime African wildlife experience, our three-hour safari game drive to the Chobe National Park is sure to tick all the right boxes. Furthermore, it is one of the most popular activities at Chobe Marina Lodge that can be enjoyed as a family. In addition to this, it is an ideal opportunity to divert your kids’ attention away from their mobile phones, iPads, and tablets to focus instead on the wondrous adventure that lay ahead of them.

Tourists looking at the wildlife - Chobe National Park

What you can expect to see on your safari game drive


Regarded as Botswana’s third-largest national park, the Chobe National Park gets its name from the Chobe River – a 450-mile expanse of glistening water. So, it’s no surprise why this water source of epic magnitude attracts four-legged visitors from near and afar. In fact, it is along this pristine riverbed that you’re likely to encounter many creatures of the famous Big Five. Just some of the majestic creatures you’re likely to see include hippos, the Cape Buffalo, lions, leopards, zebras, antelope, the endangered African painted dog, and much more. And what would a Botswana safari be without viewing Africa’s largest surviving elephant population up close and personal? Exotic birds are also aplenty in this area. So, if you’re an avid bird-watching enthusiast, you’d best have your binoculars in hand ready to view hundreds of different bird species that flock to this monumental landmark. 

Chobe Marina Lodge - Family on a Botswana safari 2

Do as the locals do: the Ngoma Village Tour and Canoe Trip


Now, there is a big difference between traveling in and through Botswana on your own and experiencing the Botswana way of life through the eyes of the locals in the area. Our Ngoma Village Tour and Canoe Trip is sure to be an enthralling family adventure that is an enlightening experience of how people do life outside of the modern city. Furthermore, this authentic village trip transports you to the past. It’s a time-traveling experience back to a simpler time in history. One that is void of the distractions of technology, as nature unfolds before you. In fact, it’s one of our favorite family activities here at Chobe Marina Lodge that’ll be remembered for a lifetime.


Chobe Marina Lodge - Locals dancing around boma fire

Botswana like you’ve never seen it before


At Chobe Marina Lodge, we know how captivating Botswana can be. And with so much to see and do, we’re sure to have the ideal curated Botswana activities for everyone. Experience Kasane, Botswana from our vantage point, and we’re certain you’ll agree that Chobe Marina Lodge is the place to be! 


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