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Covid-19 Protocol


This guest booklet is designed to help you maintain the highest standards of safety during your stay with us, and to adhere to the mandatory requirements as per the health authorities. All staff are familiar with the protocol required, and we request that you remainin your room and call the front desk if COVID-19 symptoms do present. A medical team will then be dispatched totake the necessary action. Drivers will be instructed to limit conversation.


Mandatory temperature checks will be carried out at all at entrances. We will request that any guests running a temperature of more than 37°C please do a second check. Guests not wearing a mask will be provided with one. Hand sanitiser will be provided for guests and staff. Guests arriving from restricted countries or regions must please ensure that all the necessary information is provided before check-in or at the time of making the reservation. Staff will wipe down desks at regular intervals. Each staff member will be provided with their own sanitiser. Sanitisers will be available at the desk for guest use. For all pre-booked guests, all check-in formalities should be completed online to reduce contact and time at the front desk. All receptionists will wear masks at all times. All guest information will be treated with discretion. We request that all guests use their own pens. Hygiene and other instructions will be provided to guests as per the new SOP. Markings on the floor at reception will be created to maintain social distancing.


Safety instructions will be easily visible; We apologise for the delay and inconvenience caused to any guests due to the new safety norms. Floor and other areas of the that can be touched will be regularly sanitised. Dispensers available outsidedoors and inside the public areas.


All indoor areas such as entrance lobbies, corridors and staircases, offices, meeting rooms and restaurants will be mopped with a disinfectant containing 1% sodium hypochlorite or phenolic disinfectants. All Spa treatments will only operate under the strictest protocols as defined by the government gazetted regulations. For metallic surfaces like counter tops, desks, chair arms, door handles, security locks, keys etc… 70% alcohol will be used to wipe down surfaceswhere the use of bleach is not suitable.


  • Signage with information on sanitisation norms will be placed in each room
  • The instructions provided at reception will include the procedure for how the rooms are sanitised at regular intervals
  • Housekeeping trolleys will be sanitised before and after shifts.
  • All housekeeping staff on the floor will wear the appropriate safety gear
  • All other equipment; mops etc. will be sanitised after each room cleaning
  • PPE will include head gear
  • Whenever possible, disposable equipment will be used and mops with disposablecovers will be available
  • Housekeeping staff will concentrate on deep cleaning of all taps, door handles, phones and TV controls
  • Each room’s soiled linen will be removed and placed directly into a plastic bag and then sealed
  • Guests will be given the choice of having linen changed daily or ONLY on request


A separate check-out area will be facilitated should there be a risk of overcrowding. We advise all guests to inform staff of their check-out plans in advance so that bills can be prepared. Markers will be placed on floors, as is the case with check-in. Sanitisers and other swabs will be provided as required by guests.


Morning and afternoon game drive snacks: pre-packed rusks and biscuits will be on offer. A torched baked snack may also be offered to ensure the safest possible food offering.

  • Vehicles will be sanitised
  • All guests must use sanitiser before embarking on return, cooler boxes will be sanitised
  • All guests and staff must wear masks
  • Separate snack packs will be made


In case guests require a meeting area, we will ensure that enough space is maintained between tables and chairs. Each desk, all equipment and all work areas will be sanitised after guests have moved out. Individually packaged water and mints will be provided. Sanitisation will take place during all meeting breaks. Disposable cups will be made available where possible, or we suggest that guests drink from bottles. Sanitisers will be provided in foyers and in the meeting rooms. Where possible, supplies to assist with quality digital meetings. The number of guests in the area will be limited, based on the maximum allowed.

Boma Dinners: Food will be cooked hot in front of the guest and served from the braai by the chef. Cold dishes will be limited to only essential items.

Afternoon Teas: All eats will be pre-packed for guests and juices served in sealed containers.

  • All staff at buffets will wear masks
  • Sneeze guards will be installed on all buffets
  • Where possible, buffets will be covered in glass and served by staff from behind the buffet
  • Sanitisers will be available for guest use
  • Staff will be trained for minimal contact/communication during service/distancing
  • We will ensure that staff are wearing masks
  • Disposable serviettes, which are pre-packed or individually packed, will be used
  • The number of tables will be reduced to maintain social distancing norms.
  • All dishwashers will operate at the correct temperature and correct chemical dosage


A Safety Team will be identified and set up with a leader for each area. This leader will be responsible for ensuring that all measures are being implemented and recorded. Staff will be educated on the most common signsand symptoms of coronavirus infection, which are;

  • Fever
  • dry cough
  • shortness of breath.

Symptoms typically occur 1-14 days after exposure, though a small proportion of people who are infected don’thave symptoms. The entire back of house will be scrubbed down and sanitised at night. Best practices will be instilled with staff. Temperature check points will be mandatory for all staff before boarding the bus, where transport is provided. Where possible, staff transport will be arranged with sanitisers in use.


Again, best practices will be instilled with staff. Staff will be asked to stay at home if they have any symptoms of flu or are not feeling well. Temperature checks for all employees on clocking into the premises of the hotel will be mandatory. Staff running temperatures of more than 37°C will be asked to return home. All employee temperatures will be checked twice a day.


Daily uniform exchange will be the norm. Uniforms will be sanitised properly, using a steam press or heat iron. Staff will be given masks as part of their uniform across all departments. Staff will maintain social distancing during uniform exchange. Staff will have their temperature tested before each shift.


Sanitisers will be made available. Shifts will be staggered to ensure there is no overcrowding in the lockers and the number of employees are regulated with proper social distancing norms being followed. Extensive hand washing and sanitising arrangements will be made with signage explaining the need. Regular monitoring will be conducted to ensure there is no crowding onarrival or at the locker room. Bins will be made available for used masks, gloves and aprons.


Sanitisers will be made available at entrances. Shifts will be staggered to avoid canteen crowding. Canteen hours will be extended to allow smaller groups over a longer period of time – canteen use will be restricted to 33% of its capacity at any given time.


Proper tools and gear will be provided for staff, which will include masks and also tools in various departments to minimise human touch. Staff will isolate at home if they present with any symptoms of a cold or flu. Plastic aprons will be provided.


Delivery staff will not be allowed into properties; rather, runners will transfer goods. All supplies will be fully sanitised before entering the stores and refrigerators. Approved sanitising agents will be used for the same. The area will be sanitised at regular intervals. Vendors will be advised on how to accept goods and howtheir staff should arrive with necessary protective gear.


All housekeeping staff on the floor will wear safety gear, PPE will include headgear, masks. Housekeeping trolleys will be sanitised before and after shifts. Staff will concentrate on deep cleaning of all taps, door handles, phones and TV controls. All other equipment including mops etc. will be sanitised after each room cleaning. Each room’s soiled linen will be removed and placed into a plastic bag and sealed. If the property has a in house laundry it should ensure a suitable sanitizer is added into the washing cycle. The lined supply chain from laundry to floors will be respected.


Kitchens will be sanitised at regular intervals. The number of staff will be limited to the minimum required; staff will be organised into teams to reduce interactions between people. All staff will wear masks, hair nets and all other safety gear. Workstations will be arranged in such a way that staff are not facing each other and can maintain appropriate social distance. Limited menus will be supplied and ramped-up in a phased manner. Proper cleaning of vegetables, meats and all other materials that are requiredin the kitchens will be conducted with approved sanitising agents to disinfect. Menus may be adjusted to include more options of cooked food rather than raw food. All equipment will be sanitised after each use.