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Going on Safari to Botswana: Here’s What You Can Expect

If you’re looking for an escape to a place with an ethereal beauty, Botswana would be it. It’s one of the few places on earth where you can immerse yourself in nature and wildlife and feel like you’re truly getting away from it all. So if you’ve planned a safari to Botswana, then you’re in for a treat. Here’s what to expect. 

A wildlife extravaganza

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, Botswana truly is the land of the wild. So, have your camera ready to capture the most extraordinary wildlife you’re ever likely to see. In fact, Botswana is a world-renowned destination for wildlife viewing, and it is no surprise why people from all around the world flock here to get a glimpse of this unspoiled beauty. Chobe, itself, is teeming with some of the most extraordinary creatures that populate the vast and open savannas, from spotted hyenas to lions, leopards, crocodiles, and hippos. It’s a visual feast for the eyes! 

Chobe National Park

Also known as the Land of Giants (and you’ll most surely see why), the Chobe National Park is a national heritage site. So if you’ve ever dreamed of seeing elephants up close and personal, the Chobe National Park is the place to be. And you don’t have to travel far to get a glimpse of these majestic animals in their natural habitat, either, with the Chobe National Park being a mere ten-minute boat ride from the lodge. Prepare yourself to see something truly extraordinary with these spectacular beauties (known as Kalahari elephants)-  the biggest species of elephants known to man. 

The Chobe River 

Taking a trip along the Chobe River on a boat game cruise gives you a unique vantage point to view wildlife going about their business in the water and along the river’s edge. Here, too, is where you’re likely to see the most exquisite wildlife as you glide by. Of them all, you’re most likely to see hippos frolicking in the water, lions patrolling the water’s edge, and elephants, of course, roaming carefree as they do best. At Chobe Marina Lodge, our Game River Cruise will take you here and beyond. 


Sedudu Island

Sedudu Island or Kasikili Island, as the locals fondly know it, is also enormously popular for tourists who want to catch a glimpse of this marshy territory. It, too, is known for its incredible population of elephants.

The safari of a lifetime

When you go on a safari to Botswana, you really do go on a safari of a lifetime. Well, at least that’s what we believe and why we make it our mission to create the most unforgettable curated safari trips for our many guests at Chobe Marina Lodge.

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