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Wildlife Photography in Botswana: How to Get That Perfect Picture

Journeying through Botswana is a magical experience. There is so much to see when it comes to the wildlife in Botswana. Still, there are many unexpected surprises too. So you’ll need your camera at your side at all times, ever ready to take a picture of the majestic creatures that may pass you by at a moment’s notice. Here are our top tips for wildlife photography in Botswana to capture that award-winning shot you can boast about for years. 

Chobe Marina Lodge - Man with camera
Chobe Marina Lodge - People on mokoro's
Chobe Marina Lodge - lady laughing on safari - Chobe National Park

Get to know your camera- well! 

You’ll have to get to know the inner workings of your camera very well to avoid missing out when the perfect camera-worthy moment pops up unexpectedly. This is particularly true if your camera has lots of fiddly bits to get the hang of. So please read the instruction manual well. And practice a few test photoshoots to get the proper hang of it beforehand. 

Chobe Marina Lodge - lady taking photo on safari - Chobe River
Chobe Marina Lodge - lady taking photo on safari - Chobe National Park
Chobe Marina Lodge - man taking photo on safari - Chobe National Park

Pay attention to the lighting 

The proper lighting is a huge component of what makes a photo a success or not. But, while the golden hours are considered the prime time to get that camera out to start snapping away, you can also learn the tricks and tips of taking photos at any other time of the day too. The secret lies in the different filters you decide to use, transforming less than ideal weather lighting into something quite eye-catching. 

Chobe Marina Lodge - Sunrise over the lodge
Chobe Marina Lodge - sunset on Chobe River - Chobe National Park
Chobe Marina Lodge -safari vehicle - Chobe National Park

Focus on the bigger picture 

Or not. The point is, don’t get stuck on one way of doing things. For example, while portrait pictures make for excellent statement pieces, wide-angled shots paint a bigger (and sometimes better) picture of your wildlife escapades while on safari in the beautiful Chobe National Park. Plus, it usually makes for a more dramatic story as you relive your Botswana memories to family and friends.

Chobe Marina Lodge - Wildlife - Buffalo - Chobe National Park
Chobe Marina Lodge - Wildlife - elephant and buffalo - Chobe National Park
Chobe Marina Lodge - Wildlife - male lion walking - Chobe National Park

Aim for the eyes

Getting a picture at the exact moment an animal looks straight at you is challenging to do. But boy, is it rewarding. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of an animal you’ve been staring at for the longest time acknowledging your presence and staring you back in the eye. It’s that locking eyes moment, if only for a short period of time, that you’ll want to capture for a lifetime.

Chobe Marina Lodge - Wildlife - Leopard relaxing - Chobe National Park
Chobe Marina Lodge - Wildlife - Buffalo and bird
Chobe Marina Lodge - Wildlife - hippo yawning

Go wild

If you think that taking 100s of pictures will increase your odds of perfecting your wildlife photography in Botswana, then, by all means, you should go for it. However, in this case, practice does make perfect, and once you’ve gotten the hang of your camera, you’ll probably need to learn on the fly what works and what doesn’t.

Chobe Marina Lodge - Wildlife - lions yawning
Chobe Marina Lodge - Wildlife - Roller with insect
Chobe Marina Lodge - Wildlife - Hippos

Don’t rush it

And lastly, patience is a virtue when it comes to waiting for the perfect time to snap away. Sometimes, like us, animals just want to be shy. And it’s in these slower times when your patience will indeed be tested. However, if you happen to be in the Chobe National Park, you won’t have to wait around for long. So just take it easy in the quiet times. And savor the tranquility of your surroundings while you wait, knowing that the best memories are yet to come.


Chobe Marina Lode - Elephants close up on safari - Chobe National Park
Chobe Marina Lodge - Couple taking photo - Chobe National Park
Chobe Marina Lodge - Elephants seen from a boat safari

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