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A Holiday to Botswana in Spring: Here’s What to Expect

The month of September falls into what is known as the dry season in Botswana. And it just so happens to be one of the best times of the year to make an escape to this vast, untouched wilderness. So, get your front-row seat to some of the world’s most majestic creatures under the hot African sun. Here’s what to expect if you’re going on holiday to Botswana in spring.

Sunny days and cooler nights

Temperatures are usually more pleasant in springtime.  With hot sunny days and cooler nights, it is the perfect weather for gathering around the fire and enjoying other nighttime activities. At Chobe Marina Lodge, we love the beauty of the night sky in Kasane. Hence, why we have created the perfect evening activities to help you make the most of your stay here. Relax around the campfire and toast delicious s’mores as you stargaze at the scattering of stars in the Milky Way. Or enjoy the festivities with us as we celebrate the locals with our traditional Boma dance. Feel like taking in more of the glorious scenery surrounding you? Why not hop on board our luxury boat cruise and enjoy sundowners as you watch the fiery Botswana sun set in the distance?

Chobe Marina Lodge - sunset boat safari
Chobe Marina Lodge - night sky over the lodge
Chobe Marina Lodge - guests laughing around boma fire

A better view

Spring in Botswana is hot and dry, with less rainfall. Hence, why it is known as the dry season. Less rainfall means less greenery. This makes it the ideal time for animal spotting, as you’re spared the hassle of having to peer through overgrown trees and bushes to get a better view. Also, you’re more likely to get a glimpse of at least a few of the Big 5 as they make their way to the river’s edge or waterhole for a drink of water. So why not enjoy our boat cruise along the Chobe River, where you’ll see wildlife out and about as they make their daily expedition to the river and back?

Chobe Marina Lodge - guests on boat safari with elephant - Chobe National Park
Chobe Marina Lodge - man with camera on safari - Chobe National Park
Chobe Marina Lodge - 4x4 safari through the Chobe National Park

You’ll see elephants in the 100s

Spring means you won’t have to venture far out to see these gentle giants in the flesh. Chobe National Park is renowned for having the biggest elephant population in the world. Furthermore, spring is when you’ll get to experience the very essence of Botswana through the variety of wildlife that makes the rivers edge their home.

Elephant herd in Chobe National Park
Elephants in Chobe National Park
Chobe Marina Lodge - Wildlife - Elephant - Chobe National Park

It’s more affordable

Spring is that in-between season where you get to skip peak season costs. Moreover, it’s also considered the most affordable season to visit Botswana in the year. You might even be able to take advantage of out-of-season specials and discounts. This means you get to spend more time experiencing the wonders of Botswana in all its splendor.

Chobe Marina Lodge - Boma fire dancing
Chobe Marina Lodge - Floating raft
Chobe Marina Lodge - Kids enjoying the pool

The best time of the year is here

Spring is here. And there’s no time like the present to take that holiday to Botswana you’ve been waiting and wanting to take. At Chobe Marina Lodge, you’ll get to experience the wonders of spring in Botswana in a lodge that celebrates the best of Kasane no matter the season.

Chobe Marina Lodge - guests enjoying the lodge pool
Chobe Marina Lodge - guests on mokoro's on Chobe River
Chobe Marina Lodge - hot air ballooning


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